Positano. View from the sea

It was some version of this image that made me choose my trip to the Amalfi Coast. It’s the town of Positano, sitting on a cliff-side. I saw it while browsing holiday sites and decided that this was where I wanted to go. I’ve done this before, i.e. choosing a holiday from a magazine picture, which is how I went on the Trans-Siberian Railway and to Cappadocia in Turkey.

Positano is very picturesque. On the holiday, I had the luxury of approaching it from the sea – by ferry – and from the mountain tops at the end of the Path of the Gods trek. Hence, I have my own multiple versions of this picture, from a great many angles. And besides, descending into Positano after the walk, was thoroughly refreshing, especially as the old knees had had a good workout. A cold beer on the seafront was my first destination.

~ Spotted Cow

Positano. View from the mountain

Painter on the beach


16 thoughts on “Positano

  1. Looks heavenly. I just revisited Italy in a recent blog post as well – it really is a dreamy coastline the whole way up and down! Now I might have to go back …

    1. It starts just outside Agerola. It is really worth doing. The views are really amazing. The walk is well documented so you can find information easily on the Internet.

  2. looks like a very lucky choice and I like the view over the artist’s shoulder which is not exactly what he is looking at

  3. I saw Positano in a film for the first time and knew it was going to be one of the destinations of my honeymoon. I ended up prefering Ravello over Positano, but it certainly is beautiful!

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