Mist-ified friends

brown goat

On one of the particularly misty walks on the Amalfi Coast, we heard chimes of lots of little bells ringing on the cliffs … when suddenly, a herd of goats emerged from the dense fog. They eyed us up curiously, especially one brown goat who stared at us very hard and didn’t divert his gaze.

~ Spotted Cow

Goats emerging from the mist

Curious goats

11 thoughts on “Mist-ified friends

  1. Oh my goodness. That first shot of the lone goat and the third shot of the pair of goats staring at the camera, these are just delightful. Those looks – priceless!

    1. Yes they were really curious about us. So they stood and stared. And we stood and stared back! Eventually, they got fed up with our lack of anything interesting to show for being in their path and walked off.

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