When the mist lifts …

Town nestled under the clouds

The weather was variable in the first few days that I was on the Amalfi Coast, and there were times when we were completely enveloped in mist. It was a walking holiday, and we walked regardless of the weather. We would arrive at a peak and the tour leader kept saying to us, his expectant troops, “the view is stunning, I assure you !” But all we saw was white cloud.

However, the few times when the opaque white fog did lift, it was usually a most spectacular sight.

~ Spotted Cow

Walkers in the mist

Heavy white fog

15 thoughts on “When the mist lifts …

  1. The mist makes for some cool photos in one respect, but I cringe to hear that phrase “the view is stunning, I assure you”! I’ve had a few of those disappointments after hiking for hours/miles to see a view, only to find it enshrouded in mist! I do love these animals emerging from it, though.

    1. Oh I know ! I didn’t mind walking in the mist, and it held the promise of lifting. But when we go to the top, the cloud fell all over us and the whole point of that day was to see the magnificent view. It was incredibly frustrating. We waited a bit, but it started drizzling ! Running into the goats was a lovely surprised. But, I was glad when the weather cleared up in the next few days.

    1. Yes it was lovely walking conditions. I carried a small umbrella to protect the camera in the rainy phases. By the end of the holiday I had to throw it out because the wind broke the spokes!

  2. Something similar happened to us in the Algarve. We drived up to the highest peak in the area (not very high atually, but still) in oder to enjoy the view of the different beaches only to find a dense fog. Oh well…

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