Ravello. Villa Rufolo

Arches at Villa Rufolo

We walked from Amalfi up to the town of Ravello, through the lemon groves and forest. It was lovely and lush, although we did get rained on in various phases! Nevertheless, the sun came out when we arrived at the top and we visited the Villa Rufolo. We had been set a photo competition to take the photo on the front of the tourist brochure. It was a mad scurry around the gardens, interspersed with “wows” when anyone came to the sea view from a different angle. I can safely guarantee that pretty much everyone will get the picture postcard shot.

~ Spotted Cow

Amazing views

Tourists in the garden



9 thoughts on “Ravello. Villa Rufolo

  1. Great collection of ‘postcards’. I, too, thought the catch of the guy in the portico was cool but the pansies – you knocked that one out of the park. Amazing colors and so many!

  2. “Wow” is the perfect word to describe these shots! I am lucky to have had the opportunity to drive the Amalfi Coast to Positano and Sorrento and I remember thaw gorgeous blue water and soaring cliffs. Thanks for bringing back those memories. As for the pansies, they were my grandmother’s favorite flower simply because they look like they’re smiling 🙂 I agree, and in fact, I currently have 7 pots of yellow ones surrounding my front walkway. Love them!

    1. Isn’t the colour of the sea simply amazing? Every time I saw the blue, it took my breath away. And I agree with you & your gran on pansies. How wonderful to be greeted by their smiling faces when you get home!

  3. I have the exact same pansies in my garden! Good photo’s, the guy in the first one thought you were taking a picture of him! he was cute! lol….

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