11 thoughts on “Friendly goat

    1. I know, that would’ve been a disaster. I usually wear the camera around my neck, and I thought he might accidentally head butt it. But, he was just the sniffly, curious sort.

      1. Kinda, when ever I bent over he used to ram my head and he just started sprouting horn…it hurt! My most precious pet was my pig, Margaret, she had a house to sleep in but used it as her toilet instead! She dug a pit in the ground and I helped her line it with straw , she then got in and I’d cover her up at night (even at -40 below zero) with more straw, I’d say “Good night Margaret!” and she grunt twice at me as if saying “I will”! I miss her…I lived on a farm in Northern Alberta for 5 years, my closest friends were my animals! I even had a chicken named Red, she would ride in my bike basket!! yes I love animals!

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