Friendly goat

Friendly goat

7 Day Nature Challenge. Day 6

This is the result of an overly friendly and curious Turkish mountain goat sticking its nose in my phone camera.

The lovely Joanne from Coffee Fuels My Photography invited me to the challenge, and I’d like to invite you all too.

~ Spotted Cow

11 thoughts on “Friendly goat

    1. I know, that would’ve been a disaster. I usually wear the camera around my neck, and I thought he might accidentally head butt it. But, he was just the sniffly, curious sort.

      1. Kinda, when ever I bent over he used to ram my head and he just started sprouting horn…it hurt! My most precious pet was my pig, Margaret, she had a house to sleep in but used it as her toilet instead! She dug a pit in the ground and I helped her line it with straw , she then got in and I’d cover her up at night (even at -40 below zero) with more straw, I’d say “Good night Margaret!” and she grunt twice at me as if saying “I will”! I miss her…I lived on a farm in Northern Alberta for 5 years, my closest friends were my animals! I even had a chicken named Red, she would ride in my bike basket!! yes I love animals!

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