Lurid Octopus


Continuing with my Brighton Pier amusement park series. It’s my third.

This is Galaxia, best described as a lurid octopus which swings its arms around and up & down. I haven’t had a go even though I think I’d probably be alright on it. Something about it’s round & round nature doesn’t appeal to me. But look how much fun the kids are having !

~ Spotted Cow



4 thoughts on “Lurid Octopus

  1. When I first seen the title I thought Oh my what was this Octopus doing>>lol..I looked up the word Lurid: lurid meaning, definition, (especially of a description) shocking because involving violence, sex, or immoral…. I was sadly disappointed ! LMAO..!!
    Such a neat coloured ride, I’d have that enlarged and framed (1st or 2nd Photo), it’s great!
    I have relatives that holiday in Brighton Beach but they have never shown pictures of this! They are older though, they live in the outskirts of London.

    1. Yes, I’m afraid it’s the more staid definition of lurid meaning extremely colourful. I’ll have to get down to the pier without camera or any bags hanging off me, and go on all the rides.

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