Time for a refresh

Retro alarm clock

It was time for a refresh on the blog and I had been procrastinating for several months. However, a well-meaning reader gave me a much-needed prod (thanks!) earlier in the week and I set about it. It’s a good thing the WordPress lot make it easy for the time- and technology-challenged among us. I’ve chosen a design that’s cleaner and which should show off the photographs better on the front page. So, onward and forward. And the clock image seemed like a decent contribution to the weekly challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

~ Spotted Cow


14 thoughts on “Time for a refresh

    1. That’s good to know that you’ve gone through several theme changes. It took me ages to get around to it because I thought it would be fiddly and I’d have to set aside time. In the event, it didn’t take long and was quite fun.

  1. the future is orange! love the new big theme (all the better to show off your street photography 😉

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