Loop de loop

Turbo rollercoaster

This is the first in my series of the amusement park on Brighton Pier.

I love roller coasters. The Turbo is a short, terrifying ride but I love it. I like the sensation as your head – and stomach – go all funny when you loop around the loop. I’m usually trying to persuade someone to get on the ride with me … and someone else to be the designated handbag-holder.

My advice is not to get on the rollercoaster following a big meal. It is not a good idea.

~ Spotted Cow

8 thoughts on “Loop de loop

  1. I need to build up courage first but I usually go, and enjoy the adrenaline rush. I always have a small panic when I read news stories about people being thrown off or needing to be rescued from rollercoasters. 🙂

    1. I think that’s s good way to put it. I feel the same when I read the accident stories. My heart drops a bit, although it never really stops me from going on one again.

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