Curtain of green

Hanging branches and leaves

In anticipation of the spring equinox on 19 March, I’ll be posting a series of images along a “spring green” theme over the next week. I haven’t set the bar very high, so it should be achievable. Do join in if you fancy it.

I snapped this picture on a walk in the Carpathian mountains in Romania. It was hot and I was ahead of the group, and so I took shade under a tree. The curtain of hanging branches in front of me made a lovely pattern … and I took a picture while I waited for the others to catch up.

~ Spotted Cow

4 thoughts on “Curtain of green

  1. are you going in search of the equinox’s not so evergreen or will these be retrospectives of green? will be challenging but I may well join you

    1. I was thinking of Spring symbolising growth and renewal. And I’m expecting the garden to sprout forth, hence the green. So go with what you’re feeling about it. And it’d be lovely if you joined me!

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