Lebkuchen, German Christmas biscuits. I love buying these when I go to the Christmas market. Although I have a tendency for keeping the pretty detailed ones like these around because I can’t bear to eat them, and they hang out until they go stale.

~ Spotted Cow


10 thoughts on “Lebkuchen

  1. These are the BEST biscuits! I quickly became addicted to them when living in Germany, sending them back to my father who instantly loved them as much. Since discovering after his passing that both his parents were German, I wonder now if he had any childhood memories of these…

  2. These absolutely are works of art, too pretty to eat, as you say! Love how you photographed them. You have an eye for food photography, which isn’t, in my experience, an easy thing to come by 🙂

      1. Light is almost always a problem with food. You often can’t do anything about it either. And sometimes it’s so messy, not all perfect like in the magazines. I’ve found that with plate compositions, you want to take a fraction of the plate – like say a quarter corner or with the top & bottom lopped off so that it looks like a frame.

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