Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

Dazzle camouflage on the Mersey ferry

Mersey ferry with dazzle camouflage against the Liverpool skyline.

The dazzle camouflage was designed to confuse not to conceal, and was used on British warships in World War 1. The mix of patterns and colours meant that enemy ships found it difficult to estimate a ship’s size, speed and direction, or whether they were looking at the bow or stern. A not-so-tenuous link for this week’s challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

~ Spotted Cow

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

  1. At first glance I thought it simply to add a beautiful bright contrast to the surroundings – little did I know there was method behind the madness! 🙂

    1. Yes, in my ignorance, I thought it was an artistic endeavour on the part of the ferry company … which it is to a certain extent. Apparently, the warships used to be painted individually and differently. So, if an enemy submarine put their periscope above water, all they’d see were contrasting lines around bobbing seawater, which would confuse them. Obviously, I was looking at it from my above-ground perspective, not from a submarine lookout perspective !

      1. Seriously, your first instinct wasn’t to look at it from a submarine lookout perspective? And you call yourself a traveller! lol 🙂

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