9 thoughts on “Eleanor Rigby

  1. Don’t mean to ask a stupid question, but is this a coincidence that Eleanor Rigby appears on this gravestone near where Lennon and McCartney met or could this be the Eleanor Rigby of the song?

    1. Well, I read an interview where a journalist asks Paul about the name and he says he liked the sound of it. When the journalist points out that there is a gravestone with her name in the churchyard, Paul says that he might have been influenced subconsciously because he and John used to hang out there quite a lot. Apparently the real Eleanor Rigby also led a rather bleak and lonely life. Coincidence?

  2. Once again… I didn’t know there was actually an “Eleanor Rigby” – thought it was simply a name they thought rather lyrical. Guess it’s probably common knowledge if you’re a true fan, oops! 🙂

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