Cold weather trips

Cross country skiing on a frozen lake

Ahh, it’s October and my thoughts turn to cooler weather activities and exploration … although I’m not pencilling anything as cold as the -30°C cross-country skiing on a Finnish frozen lake as in the picture above.

There are a couple of things which are already booked into the calendar:

  1. Liverpool city weekend. Twenty years in London and I’ve not been to Liverpool. I’ll have to participate in something suitably Beatles-reminiscent in addition to the Antony Gormley beach sculptures that are the real purpose of the trip.
  2. Lille Christmas market. The London-Lille Eurostar train journey is only an hour and a half each way. So, we can do a day trip to the Christmas markets. Amazing! I’ll have to start practising my French.

I’m also contemplating several other things :

  • A glassblowing weekend course in Wiltshire. I would return to London with Christmas baubles crafted by my own fair hand.
  • The West Highland railway in Scotland. The journey is consistently voted as the most scenic railway in the UK, and you will have seen it in the Harry Potter movies. It looks like a very romantic trip, with the snow capped mountains in the background.
  • Winter walks among the Christmas card scenes in the Austrian Tyrol.

I’m in my element – dreaming, researching and planning trips.

~ Spotted Cow

10 thoughts on “Cold weather trips

      1. Hmmm, let’s see. For travels, Australia and Paris; for photography education, begin (and complete) one of the online photo courses I’ve signed up for; for business development, create a website portfolio; for personal health, continue to work on getting my back healthy; and for future planning, begin emptying my house of the accumulations of the last 20 years with an eye to getting it ready to put on the market next summer. So, how’s that ? 😉

      2. That is a great list. Sounds like you had better get cracking !! The de-cluttering takes the longest. I’m far too sentimental, but apparently you should tackle them in small tasks, and not all at once.

  1. What you already have planned sounds fabulous – looking forward to seeing your efforts from the glass blowing class which you just HAVE to take since I can’t, lol! 🙂

    1. I’ll tell you about it when I get on a course. I’m quite keen to do it but have discovered that they’re pretty much booked up till the end of the year. Who is that organised !

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