Curiosity Cloud Room

Curiosity Cloud Room

Once a month, the V&A have their Friday Late event, each with a different theme and free entry in the evening until the museum is full. I went to the London Design Festival one last Friday and totally loved it.

My favourite was the Curiosity Cloud installation room. We had to queue for about 10 minutes, our excitement matching the soft whirring buzz we could hear in the room. When we entered, we were struck by the soft illumination of 250 glass bulbs suspended from the ceiling. Some of the globes had fabric moths inside them which whizzed around as you walked through the installation. I didn’t know whether it was motion- activated. Nevertheless, it made me think of the phrase “moths to a flame”. And I felt smugly cultured for the week.

~ Spotted Cow

6 thoughts on “Curiosity Cloud Room

    1. The glass globes are quite big so you’d have to be fairly klutzy to bump into them. Yes, the fabric moths are INSIDE and they don’t all go around together otherwise it would be a loud buzzing and that would’ve been unpleasant. Quite amazing whoever thought of it.

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