My friends are in Turkey

Evil eyes

My Journey Anatolia photography friends are in Turkey right now. There is one photography trip every year and I’ve been to Turkey with them 3 times in the last 7 years, all on different itineraries.

I’m obviously not there this year and I’m watching enviously as they post their daily phone images on Facebook. I know that the really good stuff will come after the trip when they’ve reviewed their takings and put in some processing time.

These guys changed my photography enormously.  I look back at the images from my first trip when I fancied myself as someone who knew a thing or two. Honestly, the overall quality was poor, terrible even. There were the odd ok images and I’ll post them here next time (as something to learn from!)

~ Spotted Cow

5 thoughts on “My friends are in Turkey

  1. Improvement is a natural evolution, and those trips are a great way to go about it. Obviously they’re doing something right to get your repeat patronage. Lovely colours in that photo.

    1. They’re doing something right. And they’ve also become my friends. They’re one of the few people whose details I’ve taken down on holiday … and actually stayed in touch with afterward !

  2. Love the spectrum of blues and shapes you’ve captured here. As for your earlier photos to come, it’s nice to look back at where we began and where we are now – a photographic diary of how our eyes have changed 🙂

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