Fried pigs ears

Fried pigs ears

These aren’t fried pigs ears. Or at least I don’t think they are.

The picture was taken in the Mercado de San Miguel food hall in Madrid. I was hurrying along to catch up with The Lovely J, and took a quick snap of these snacks. I meant to ask what they were, but forgot. I think they look like baby or midget pig ears deep fried in batter, and that’s how they’ll remain etched in my memory unless someone tells me otherwise.

~ Spotted Cow

5 thoughts on “Fried pigs ears

    1. I was imagining something grey with sugar sprinkles, but when I looked them up, it’s what I know as palmeras which are sold in Spanish pastry shops. Yup elephant ears over pig ears!

      1. And here I thought they were a Danish concoction (as we always had them as a treat from the Danish bakery near my grandmother’s house). Delicious goodies have no boundaries 🙂

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