Toledo, home of the Visigoths

Toledo, black & white

Toledo was the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom, which makes it sound very romantic even though I don’t know who the Visigoths are. Over the ages, the Romans came here too. As did the Christians, the Moors and the Jews.  A lot of fighting went on. No surprise then, that a typical Toledo souvenir is a sword or a knife. They sell them in all the shops.

On the topic of photography, I’m trying my hand at turning these architectural pictures into black & white. Plus, the clouds were incredible that afternoon, which makes for wonderful texture in the sky. The original colour version below.

~Spotted Cow

Toledo, colour

11 thoughts on “Toledo, home of the Visigoths

  1. Great decision to go black and white with this one – it just cries out for it with all its beautiful tones and contrasts. And you’re right about the sky – those wispy clouds are gorgeous. Love this!

  2. renowned for its steel – hence the momentos. Just reading Spanish history and the Visigoths – but their captures were nothing like this one. Great depth!

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