Christopher, the bombe

Christopher, the bombe

If you have seen the film The Imitation Game, then you have to go to Bletchley Park where the Second World War cryptography project took place. It was a village of people employed to break codes. Everyone had to sign up to the Official Secrets Act and agree not to tell a soul !

I don’t know which of two things I was most excited about seeing: the bombe, which was called Christopher in the movie. In fact, it was artistic license, but I keep referring to it as Christopher anyway. It gives the whirling wheels a personality. Or the Engima machines, of which there were several behind glass cases, including one that belonged to Mussolini.

I read about code breaking – The Code Book by Simon Singh – years before the movie. But I have to say that the film’s acclaim has brought positive effects, in spite of the criticism about its historical accuracy. As we speak, Bletchley Park is undergoing a much-needed rejuvenation.

It was lovely to soak up the atmosphere and learn about the conditions in which the employees worked. The grounds are lovely. You can have a look into Alan Turing’s (re-constructed) office. The huts are informative and there are lots of interactive games for adults and children. My special tip is – don’t miss out on the intriguing stories of spies and double agents.

~ Spotted Cow

Codes !

Hut 12

Mussolini's Enigma machine

Enigma machine

6 thoughts on “Christopher, the bombe

  1. I’m squeezing brain cells now..I could look it up but I’m trying to stay on the task of visiting everyone’s sites…was Alan Turing (spelling) involved on this project? Brilliant, brilliant man.

    1. I know. Isn’t it amazing? The information about Bletchley Park was de-classified in the mid70s. Those in their employ said nothing for over 30 years.

  2. When we FINALLY get back to England, Bletchley Park is top of my “must-do” list. I LOVE codes and this, THIS would be FABULOUS! 🙂

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