Pebbly beach

Brighton seafront

Did I mention that most English beaches are pebbly beaches? Brighton beaches are pebbly. It was one of the things that perplexed me when I came to live here because I didn’t think it was physically possible. My definition of beach – at the time – was sand and sea. Well, that has since shifted because my world is now broader, which is always a good thing.

~ Spotted Cow

Beach pebbles

View of Brighton Pier

16 thoughts on “Pebbly beach

  1. I think of beaches as surf and sand, too. My mom always sits ans sifts through sand for shells, but she’s obsessed with rocks and I can just picture here here, filling her pockets, her beach bag, and buckets with the “prettiest” pebbles.

    1. Well, at least the pebbles have been smoothed over by the sea, so it’s not too painful, even if it isn’t as pliable as sand. yes, the deck chairs are great. They have them in the parks in summer as well … another thing I found odd when I came to England, but I’ve come to realise that they come out anywhere when the sun is out.

  2. Its been a long time since I sat on an English beach. I kind of like pebbly beaches if the water entry is easy. They are more pleasant when those English blustery sea breezes blow: no sand in the sandwiches ;o)

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