Beach hut weather

Hove Huts

I was in Brighton for the Easter holidays and it was beach hut weather. England is a different country when the sun comes out and there was lots of glorious sunshine last week. The temperatures were still in the teens – or 50s & 60s in Fahrenheit – and those of hardier stock bared their limbs in t-shirts and shorts.

These beach huts are in Hove. The Hove Huts are on the seafront, but they sit on the promenade as opposed to on the beach, which is about 10 metres away. So, it’s a bit like sitting in a car park.

The English beach huts came about originally to preserve the modesty of Victorian ladies holidaying by the sea. These days they are luxuries that people aspire to, although you might wonder why. The Hove Huts are simple structures. They are the size of a small garden shed, with no electricity or amenities. All you can do in it is store your deck chairs and table, a Primus stove to make tea and your beach accessories. For this little piece of real estate, you would pay about £13,000 (or US$21,000) to own one. Amazing huh? More so, because they’re among the cheaper ones that you can find around the country.

~ Spotted Cow

Enjoying the sunshinePersonalising the beach hutSea view from Hove promenade

12 thoughts on “Beach hut weather

  1. Wow! For that much money, I’d just carry my stuff to the beach. But they do remind me of the beach club cabanas that we “owned” at the beach club we belonged to when I was a teenager in New Jersey. I don’t think the cost compares at all.

    1. Yes, they are like cabanas but the original ones are quite spartan as they were meant to be changing rooms. The cost is crazy and has no bearing on the asset … especially as they are regulated by the council and you’re not allowed to sleep in them overnight.

  2. Lovely, I remember those beach huts but at the time I was there it was overcast and rainy and didn’t get any candid shots as great as you have. You not only captured the scene but also the summery feeling 🙂

    1. Well, they are as useful as any storage shed. Just depends on whether you want to pay for that privilege. But yes, they’re very colourful and some owners personalise their huts very creatively. It’s lovely in the summer to see families using them.

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