On location

Ha Long Bay panoramic

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, is a location made famous in James Bond’s Tomorrow Never Dies … although I did some research and found that it was filmed in Thailand because of a dispute with the authorities.

Nevertheless, I almost expected to see 007 do running double leap somersaults and catapult himself into the limestone mountain scenery. No such luck. But the dreamy scene is no less spectacular for it.

~ Spotted Cow

Karst mountain, Ha Long Bay Tourist boats at Ha Long Bay

6 thoughts on “On location

  1. I went to James Bond Island in Thailand. It was breathtaking. The rocks jutting out of the turquoise water was incredible. Seems like these small rock islands should be seen in more films, doesn’t it?

    1. It is definitely worth it. I did a 2-night trip from Hanoi and I’m glad that I made the effort. My brother recommended it. He had done a day trip from Hanoi and it turned out to be a super long day … and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to soak up the atmosphere in that time frame.

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