Snap Chat. Macro lens

Succulent with pink flowers

I love taking pictures of nature with a macro lens because you can get really close-up and detailed. The thing to remember is that you have to be very precise with your point of focus if there are varying depths of field in the composition. And then, I guarantee that you’ll be amazed at the sharpness. The best thing to do is experiment with shifting the point of focus and you’ll get a variety of results, at least one of which you will be extremely pleased with.

Contrast this with the rainy day pictures I took in my folks’ Sydney garden. I had forgotten to bring the macro lens on the trip and my standard travel zoom lens couldn’t achieve the same life-size magnification.

~ Spotted Cow

Succulent Hydrangea IMGP8033


3 thoughts on “Snap Chat. Macro lens

  1. The top pic is very eye-catching. Succulent flowers are so interesting. I like experimenting with the macro on my phone, but it’s hard to get the focus right on slender, small things like those flowers, or in a recent case for me, spiders.

    1. I think macro results are best with a proper camera. As you said, it’s difficult to get the focus sharp. Ohh spiders. I don’t know if I could be coaxed near one, especially as you get up close and personal with the macro.

      1. I wouldn’t get too close to a funnelweb, but other spiders can be fascinating. And maybe one day I can afford a real camera, you’re right that the results would be much better.

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