Top loads

Woman in the countryside

The Balinese women and men amazed me, carrying loads on their heads. It could be anything from laundry to garden produce to earth & stones.  I wonder if if they suffer from pressure headaches or stiff backs? They certainly manage to shift around bigger loads than I can with my ergonomic backpack.

~ Spotted Cow

Carrying loads on their headsNo hands !

6 thoughts on “Top loads

  1. If anything, it probably contributes to an excellent posture. In turn, that may lead to less chronic back pain – just a guess. No doubt, they’ve seen plenty of tourists with backpacks.

  2. In Nepal we see huge loads being carried around on the back with the basketload being fixed with a headstrap. It must put a huge stress on the neck and shoulders. I wondered the same thing about injuries over time. Nice pictures.

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