Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Silhouettes on stage

I was privy to a flamenco show rehearsal and this image was taken during the stage lighting test. They were testing the backdrop colours … and the orange made it look like the musicians were sitting in a sunset.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

~ Spotted Cow

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

  1. I venture to say no one else will be able to post anything remotely similar to this wonderful take on the challenge!! Love the color AND the silhouettes Coming from someone who’s been in many theater tech rehearsals, this just takes me back to those frenetic, fun-filled days! Thanks for the memories 🙂

    1. Stacy, I’ve not heard of your theatre tech days! It would be really interesting to know what you got up to. And thanks for the lovely words about this week’s image.

      1. I used to stage manage at a local community theatre – about 7 or 8 years. Began as props designer and props master 🙂 The theater was a family affair. My oldest son (28) got his start with lighting there and ultimately got his BFA in theatrical lighting design. He followed that with grad school in architectural lighting design and is happily employed in New York City. My two younger helped backstage and had a few turns in the boards too. I did as well, but my talent (and the theatre) was better served with me being backstage 😉. I do miss it. An incredibly rewarding and fun time of my life (and my family’s)!

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