Snap chat. Horizons

Watching the Sydney-Hobart boat race

As I was editing my Sydney sun & beach photos, I realised that there’s something quite basic worth reminding about. Horizons. Keep them level.

I know that when you’re in a hurry, one can take a wonky picture. I’ve done it heaps of times. Or sometimes, it’s just difficult to judge whether the skyline is horizontal. These days, though, there’s no excuse. All photo editing software gives you a chance to straighten your image.

So, get with it. There is nothing more exasperating than a good photo made distracting because it’s leaning.

~ Spotted Cow

11 thoughts on “Snap chat. Horizons

  1. Oops, hit the send key a wee early. Meant also to say that I love your photo. So many beautiful sailboats, but made stronger by the woman in the foreground (and of course by the level horizon 😉).

    1. That’s funny. I’ve taken series of photos thinking I’ve lined them up well, and every single one comes out leaning ! I think it must be the weight of the camera when I press the button.

  2. Oh I couldn’t agree more. A few months back I was so irritated by a great picture utterly spoilt by the sea sliding off the planet that I wrote a post about it. Obviously, all the professional and experienced photographers know this, but it’s surprising how often you see an ocean slipping away from Earth’s gravity. Great pics on your blog, Agnes.

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