Cronulla ocean pool

I wanted to get in another “Greek swim” before coming back to London and so we got on the Illawarra train line all the way south to Cronulla. It’s a long way from where the folks live but we’d never been and thought we should get out of our comfort zone. Cronulla is the only one of Sydney’s beachside suburbs where the train runs all the way to the beach.

We were delighted to find a really lovely and local beach. It’s charm comes from it’s laid back-ness and there are few tourists. And there are two ocean pools! I love Sydney’s ocean pools because you can swim safely on the edge of the sea, with a wonderful view. I’ve never seen pools like these anywhere else.

When we had enough of the sun and sea, we went to get iced lattes at Grind, a quirky coffee shop that has been serving the area for over a decade … and a big wall of photos of their patrons saying “I’d rather be at Grind”.

~ Spotted Cow

Cronulla main beachCronulla sea view Girls on the edgeI'd rather be at Grindiced chai latte

9 thoughts on “Cronulla

    1. It was a glorious day out … we slept well that evening ! Ooh, I like that phrase “cup of deliciousness”. I’ll need one of those every time I require a pick-me-up.

  1. What a BRILLIANT coffee shop! We used to have one similar at Paddington, Brisbane that had the most quirky artifacts scattered around the place. It was all mis-matched tables and chairs with lounges which I’m certain they picked up of the side of the road they were that old but we sat on them regardless. They even held old movie nights once a month which was rather cool. This was before it became “the” spot… then slowly it began upgrading, removing some of the quirkiness. Sadly I didn’t see it on our last visit back. 😦

    1. Oh that’s such a shame about your coffee shop. I love when I find places like that. And you want them to go on doing it forever because they have so much more personality. We said hi to the owner too, who happened to be doing some repairs around the place.

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