What a wonderful world it has been

Building against Antarctic ice

It’s that time of year, filled with lights, Christmas parties and Secret Santas. Amid the frenzy and the excess, we look back on 2014. Our following is thriving in ways we didn’t imagine when we started the blog around 14 months ago. The blog’s personality is still growing and developing, and we’re less uncertain than we were at its birth. Writing the “post”-cards has become second nature.

Along the way, we’ve made a few friends and one real one even, who lives down the road in London! We’ve featured and guest starred on a few other sites. And the Weekly Photo Challenge has become a fairly regular exercise.

We’ve recently started Snap Chat to talk about photography tips and techniques. This hasn’t been as regular as I would like and I need to get better organised in 2015. I still owe a couple of Snap Chat posts on Aperture and Panning, but haven’t got around to them. It’s a case of translating what I do instinctively in photography into words. It’s not that easy. When I think of Panning, my head automatically move from left to right … but surely that can’t be all there is to it! I’ve been meaning to get the camera out onto the street to observe exactly what I do.

If you’d like to leave some tips on how busy people look after a blog, we’re all ears.

For now, we’ll be taking a break for a couple of weeks to chill out. So, have a good one. We’ll pop by to wish you a Merry Christmas and then we’ll see you in the new year.

~ Spotted Cow

7 thoughts on “What a wonderful world it has been

  1. Wishing the Wandering Cows all the magic of Christmas and a wonderful new year! Oh, and when in Australia, is there any chance to please, PLEASE have a meat pie for me (it’s the only thing I miss!)? 🙂 xx

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