Christmas cards

Letter box

It’s December and I’m waiting for the Christmas cards to slip through the mailbox.

Christmas cards originated in the UK. Sir Henry Cole – first director of the Victoria & Albert museum – liked writing greetings to his family and friends, and found it a bit of a faff to write the same thing over & over again during the holiday season. In 1843, he thus commissioned a Christmas card with the message “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you”, which we still use today.

I love the Christmas card ritual. It’s a chance to engage with friends that I haven’t managed to keep up with through the year because we all have busy lives. That said, I’m always a bit disappointed by the ones I receive that only have signed names – the odd one doesn’t even have that – and no personal message. Why bother, I wonder. Although, they did think of me, so I should be appreciative of small mercies !

~ Spotted Cow

Christmas cards

8 thoughts on “Christmas cards

  1. I thought I was the last person on this planet who still enjoyed the process of making, sending and RECEIVING Christmas cards. I love how we can all still connect at least ONCE a year regardless of where we are. But like you, I don’t understand why someone would go to the trouble of sending a card with just a signature – they’ve obviously survived another year hence they must have SOME news, lol! 😉

    1. It takes me forever to get through my Christmas card list because I think of a personal message to write in each. Maybe it’s an expat trait because we live away from lots of people.

      1. I just went to do catch-up on your blog and I saw them. Lovely and personal. Your family and friends should be so pleased to receive them. And you’ve reminded me about washi tape, which I can use to do some personalisation. Thanks!

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