I missed the whales breaching !

Whale tail. Antarctica.

We had tannoys in our rooms on board the Antarctic expedition boat. I was lying in bed dozing to the rocking motion of the sea when the announcement came from the ship’s bridge that there were whales breaching. This, I had to see. I donned all my layers in double quick time and ran up on deck. Alas, I had missed the acrobatics. I did, however, manage to burn through over 100 pictures of their humps and tails going in and out of the water.

~ Spotted Cow

Four whale humpsWhale tailWhale tail with barnaclesWhale spotting

15 thoughts on “I missed the whales breaching !

    1. I’ve been on a whale-watching boat off Boston, but they weren’t as close-up as I saw in Antarctica, where they came right up next to the boat. All the photos I’ve taken were with a “normal” lens, i.e. I didn’t have any special mega zoom lenses on me. In fact, the people with the huge lenses were frantically changing theirs to something shorter.

  1. I once ran out of a building in shirt and trousers only, to get a shot I wanted. After 2 minutes, the snow falling on me got too much to bear and I ran back inside, but I got the shot. 🙂

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