Stray shoe

Flamenco shoe

Taken backstage. Stray shoe and stocking, post-rehearsal.

~ Spotted Cow


11 thoughts on “Stray shoe

  1. This leaves me wanting to know more! What production? Which backstage? What is the person going to do with only one shoe? Great shot. Love the orange against the blue. And, as Lignum Draco already commented, perfect for a square crop (which I’ve never used before, but I really like it!).

    1. I hadn’t started out intending to do a square crop. But when I did, it gave the shoe & stocking image a bit of a mysterious edge. So many questions ! I know some dancers and had the privilege of shooting at one of their rehearsals. It was quite challenging with the lighting and movement and I’m umm’ing & ahh’ing over the images. I’m without tripod these days because I broke mine and didn’t/haven’t replace it. I did also get some backstage shots and this was one of them.

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