Sydney Things-To-Do List

Sydney Wish List

I’m counting down till Christmas holidays when I go home to spend some time with the folks and the rest of the clan. I’ve already started my Sydney list of things to do and I’ve got to Number 8. Some are old favourites and others will be a completely new experience. Please do chip in with recommendations – especially Sydneysiders, tell me about your hangouts !

1. White Rabbit Gallery. I’ve only visited the gallery once, but I thoroughly enjoyed the well-curated exhibition of contemporary Chinese art.  After you’ve walked up all the floors, stop by the lovely teahouse, and sip lychee iced-tea under the hanging birdcages.

2. Govinda’s. This is an old favourite for a curry and movie night on the large cushions.

3. Mr Wong. We went to Mr Wong for the first time during a Good Food month and thoroughly enjoyed our modern dim sum lunch. We’ve since decided to make it a habit.

4. Coogee Pavilion. I was looking for a lunch place with a sea view and found this reviewed on Not Quite Nigella, which incidentally is also my favourite blog for food reviews and food photos.

5. Sydney Festival. I usually miss the Sydney Festival, but this time I’m home, albeit only for the first days. Yay! I quite fancy some (more) circus cabaret.

6. New Year’s Eve fireworks. I don’t know what we’re doing yet exactly, but we’re going to be there for the countdown and firework display.

7. TreeTop Adventure Park. We love the treetop adventure courses and can’t get enough of whizzing through the trees on flying foxes. We haven’t been to the one in Newcastle yet. The kids are taller now so height isn’t going to be an issue. Everyone gets to go on the adult course.

8. Taronga Zoo. This is the zoo with the fantastic harbour views and it is our perennial favourite. We’ve previously been on one of the personal tours into the private enclosures and it was an amazing experience. An emu trod on my toe while I was visiting. These days there are also summer concerts and there’s a new treetop adventure called Wild Ropes. And I saw that you can get up close and personal with a giraffe !

~ Spotted Cow

Note. Except for Mr Wong, the images have been gratuitously plucked from their respective websites.

8 thoughts on “Sydney Things-To-Do List

  1. Sounds like you will have a lot of fun. I love Sydney in the summer, and I live here. I usually take a few weeks off for the festival & the beach, don’t feel like I need to go away anywhere we’ve got so many good things here.

    If you’re here at the right time the Parramatta opening night for Sydney Festival is always a lot of fun.

    Maroubra beach is also gorgeous, with nice rocks to climb. Quieter than Bondi or Coogee. Or you could take a day trip to Bundeena – ferry from Cronulla, crystal clear water.

    If you like Yum Cha, you could try the vegan version at Bodhi’s near St Mary’s Cathedral – delicious!

    If you have any room left you could follow up with completely non-vegan ice-cream at PassionFlower down in the haymarket next to the Capitol theatre – they have a wonderful array of flavours from black sesame to green tea to durian.

    Anyway, enjoy.

    1. Thanks for all those suggestions! I am around for Sydney Festival opening night, so that’s something for the diary. Plus we have tickets for Timber! I’m going to look up the yum cha and the ice-cream … you got me on the ice-cream flavours !

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