19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

    1. My experience is that children are a bit challenging to photograph at that age. They’ll either be really sweet & cooperative. Or they’ll absolutely refuse. It’s something about them learning to assert themselves … and learning to say No!

  1. Yup, I’d say you hit minimalist right on the head! Love the ripples but also love that you can see the effects of the breeze in the way her hair is blowing. Fun picture and fun story behind it too 🙂

    1. Thank you. Hmm, she’s 3-years old. I wonder if they think much beyond basic needs at that point … although it would be amusing to contemplate whether she’s thinking that it’s a lovely impressionist landscape.

  2. What a beautiful capture – definitely makes one think of the impressionists. Would love to see how it would look if you applied some textures to it too. Really nice!

    1. Thank you. It was late afternoon on a summer’s day. She was throwing pebbles to make them skip across the water, and then standing back to check her efforts. You can just see whether the water is disturbed.

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