Singapore eating


I caught up with Very Stylish Neighbour and her Argentinian boyfriend over clingy noodles, dumplings and chicken wings. They were telling me about their trip to her hometown in Singapore, and in particular, his impressions.

He wasn’t prepared for the heat and humidity, thinking he was Argentinian and it wouldn’t be an issue. Even more so, he was astounded as to how often Singaporeans eat and think about food. He described a day when they went to lunch, had an after-lunch snack/dessert, followed by soup on getting home, and a discussion about what they were doing to do for dinner !

Chopsticks at the ready.

~ Spotted Cow

Chopsticks and condiments

14 thoughts on “Singapore eating

  1. I went to a conference once where the speaker from Singapore showed 3 slides:
    1, The national sport of Australia is rugby.
    2. The national sport of the US is baseball.
    3. The national sport of Singapore is eating.

    It’s very very true. 🙂

    1. Food, yes. High five ! The other day at work, a female colleague asked if I would be interested in joining a cooking group. I looked at her mournfully and said that I preferred eating to cooking !

  2. Hmmm… I thought all my ancestors were from Europe but I’m sensing I have a little Singaporean in me with the planning and consuming of food!

    1. You have to be like a cow. One stomach, four compartments. One for each meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner plus afternoon tea ! That way, we could all be a little Singaporean.

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