Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Silhouette against sunset

We drove up MaunaKea on Hawaii’s Big Island to catch sunset at the visitor centre. Hawaii has some surprises up its sleeve. Did you know that it snows up here in the winter? We had to take our sweaters, scarves and hats with us. In the event, the sunset was not a spectacular one, although the sky did turn some beautiful colours. It was dream-like nonetheless.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

~ Spotted Cow

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

  1. definitely dreamy! Indeed, it’s a trick question – most folks do not know it snows in Hawaii. I have read there is a ski resort open in winter as well. Florida is the only state that does not get an average annual snowfall – though it does snow there, just not every year….. it snows like the Dickens here in northern Illinois… we just get used to it. 🙂

    1. Yes I think you can ski up on MaunaKea, but “resort” might be an elaborate word for the set-up. We get a fair few rainy grey days in London, and it snows occasionally. I think I’d swap the rain for a bit more snow and crisp winter days, like I presume you do in Illinois.

  2. What a gorgeous setting for this great silhouette! I remember how cold it was on Haleakala – we were told to take blankets from the hotel – and this was in summer. Magical and dreamy post for sure, SC!

    1. Ahhh, the number of times that sunrise and sunsets have disappointed. But you can usually make something of them nonetheless. Even when they’re unspectacular, they still have an air of calm as the light shifts.

    1. I wouldn’t have either. It’s high enough to cause altitude sickness, and you can’t go higher than the visitor’s center without a pass. They have star gazing telescopes at the visitor center for the public. It’s quite amazing that it’s one place in Hawaii where you’d switch bikinis for scarves !

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