Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

"taken away ..."

I photograph signs because there’s something appealing or engaging about them, and at other times simply to remember where I’ve been – particularly if I’ve stumbled onto somewhere interesting that had been unplanned.

I took this sign at the Port Arthur penal colony in Tasmania. The settlement is set on an atmospheric site on the Tasman Peninsula, and it’s difficult to believe that convicts toiled away here and suffered breakdowns in solitary confinement cells, often for minor misdemeanours.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

~ Spotted Cow

Port Arthur penal colonyPort Arthur buildingPrison cellRow of prison cells

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

    1. Yes, you do feel the solemnity of the place. I went for the first time many years ago, and it was a really quiet and tranquil settlement. At the more recent visit, I found that it had become more commercial with a high tech tourist centre and retail and talks & trails etc … and lots of people !

  1. Great “sign” shot and story! I like that you’ve chosen something out of the ordinary 🙂 I, too, oftentimes photograph signs to help my not-so-good-anymore memory remember what I’ve seen!

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