Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Mist in the valley

It was a bit of a challenge, finding an image for the Nighttime theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge because I seldom take pictures when the light goes down. This one was taken as night was about to fall, with the mist clearing in the valley so that I could just see village lights on the other side.

Below is the same valley during the day – taken from the same vantage point, but in a different direction – from my earlier post, Picture Postcard Pokut. Between the morning picture below and the evening picture above, the day was a white-out.

~ Spotted Cow

Pokut. Above the clouds.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

  1. Loved the daytime shot the first time I saw it! But the nighttime shot is just magical, especially with the hint of light in the distance. I think you did the challenge proud 🙂

    1. Thanks … although I think the nighttime shot might have benefitted from some tripod work. But I broke my tripod a few years ago and it was quite cumbersome to take on holiday ! One of my mentors suggested that I carry around a bag of lentils for those moments. Hmm.

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