Onion flowers

Onion flowers

I took the picture of the onion flower because it was very pretty, and just perfect using a fairly shallow depth of field setting (f5.6), against an out-of-focus field of poppies in the background.  Ideally I should’ve used a macro lens, but I didn’t have it with me.

Did you know that onions produce flowers because they are stressed – like when there’s a cold snap in the transition of the seasons or if it’s been a baking hot summer. It’s called bolting, and you want to prevent if from happening.

If only human beings would flower when they become stressed. The nearest thing we do is turn red and florid of face. Yeah, not nearly as pretty as the onion bolting.

~ Spotted Cow


8 thoughts on “Onion flowers

  1. Well, what a wonderfully fun tidbit of knowledge 🙂 And if humans did flower when stressed, we’d have a more beautiful world! Love the picture, even without your macro. Having red poppies in the background is just perfect!

    1. Ah thank you Stacy. You always have such lovely comments. Can you imagine us all sprouting flowers when we’re stressed out ? We’d all be laughing and then we wouldn’t be stressed anymore !

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