Goodbye Summer

Summer Holidays

I’m hanging onto the warmth for as long as I can. London has had a fantastic summer this year and I’ve been on three (!) holidays, which is very indulgent.

There was the May week to my friend D’s remote village of Esparragosa de Lares in Spain. Then, two weeks on a Turkey photography tour in July. And finishing off with a super hot August Seville flamenco and eating week. They were all very different trips and I thoroughly enjoyed the variety. Click on the tags to read the posts.

Since I’ve taken all my annual leave in the summer months, I am now chained to the office desk until Christmas when I see my family. However, not to worry. There’s plenty in and around London for weekend diversions. Coincidentally, there are 3 B’s on my list – Brighton (sea air), Bletchley Park (code-breaking, espionage and Enigma machines) and ballet at the Royal Opera House. Stay tuned.

Out-of-town readers, if you fancy a London weekend, they’re giving one away on the London’s Autumn Season video on the Visit Britain website. Come visit !

~ Spotted Cow

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer

    1. You know, I’ve been doing exactly that, revisiting my photo library. It’s good to go through it again, because there are images which I side-stepped in the first round which – with a bit of touch-up – are not so bad. When I come back from holiday and upload my photos to the computer, I always think that they don’t match up to the holiday at all … because the holiday was so glorious and I couldn’t quite capture all that emotion. I generally need some space for the holiday to fade in order to look at the photos more objectively.

    1. That’s great. And you get to go to interesting places for work too! There’s too many days to count until my trip home. So I’ll have to re-live my summer holidays through my photos.

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