Vegetarians look away

Slaughtering a cow

In the high village of Amlakit, we came upon a family who were slaughtering a cow out in the open and preparing it for the breaking of the fast. It was the month of Ramadan. The two ladies wielding their knives were in good spirits, in contrast to the bloody cow’s head they were skinning. The bags in the corner were filled with the cow’s innards and whatnots. There was a pot bubbling in the background. Neighbours came to watch and give their two cents worth of advice.

Contrary to what you would think, it didn’t smell and there weren’t flies. It’s a revelation for someone like me, who lives in the city and buys meat in neatly wrapped polystyrene containers from the supermarket.

~ Spotted Cow

Two ladies preparing the cow Watching neighbours

13 thoughts on “Vegetarians look away

  1. Okay, SC, I do believe this is where I began my catch-up — and you’ll have to give me a good sport award for coming back and revisiting this post 😉 I certainly give you credit for standing your ground and taking these shots. I mean, I really do lead a sheltered life. I drive to the grocery store and pick up my meat already packaged in nice containers. Lately, however, I’ve been finding it more difficult to come to terms with the animals behind my comfortable meals, and I see vegetarianism looming in my future. Perhaps your photo is another push in that direction for me!

    1. I’m extremely glad I found all your comments and you certainly deserve the Gold Star Good Sport Award !

      I wasn’t squeamish when I took the pictures and the women invited the photo taking. But I have to say, I recently watched a documentary on tv about red meat – especially processed meats like ham and sausages – and the link with heart disease. It wasn’t very pretty viewing. Since then I’ve cut down on my red meat consumption.

    1. I didn’t know that. That’s very interesting. I am too ignorant of these rituals, especially growing up and living in the city. By the way, I am enjoying all the cured ham in Seville.

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