People Photography. Turkey.

Children from a violin family

I’m off to Turkey soon with my photography friends from Journey Anatolia. I’ve been on the trip twice before – once around Western Turkey and a second time to the South East. This year we’re going to the North East, near Georgia, and I’m excited.

I’m excited about meeting up with my friends Rod & Anne, and Serkan. Rod & Anne are the trip photography mentors, and Serkan is the Turkish-English tour guide, translator and Journey Anatolia proprietor.

The single most important thing they taught me about photographing people is to interact with them. Talk to them, even when you can’t speak the language. Gesticulate, make a joke, laugh, anything. You get a much better photo when people are relaxed, consenting and looking into the camera. It helps that the Turkish people are so warm and wonderfully hospitable.

The second most important thing they told me was not to cut off people’s extremities when taking the photo – feet, hands, top of the head.  I used to do it with singular regularity.

These are some of my pictures from the last trip to the South East. I’m hoping to hone my technique some more.

~ Spotted Cow

Man with green hat Street vendor Man with fans Turkish woman with headscarf

12 thoughts on “People Photography. Turkey.

  1. We totally agree with you! Asking is the best way to get a good shot. Sometimes we think that “shoot and run” gives some sort of naturality to the pictures. It might be true in a few cases, but we just need to imagine ourselves on the other side of the lens – would we like others taking secret shots of us where we look terribly bad but “natural”? 🙂 Plus in Turkey asking people to pose or stand for us usually comes accompanied by a cup of tea. Happy travels, Spotted Cow!

    1. Thank you for such lovely words. And quite appropriately said. I’m glad we’re in agreement. I do a mixture, depending on how ‘personal’ I want the picture to look. Turkish tea … I’m already looking forward to it. Glad you stopped by Roving Snails !

  2. Brilliant captures, the emotion in them can almost be felt. Plus you’re off to Turkey – I’m green with envy – Turkey would have to be one of my favorite countries! Safe travels 🙂

  3. Great expressions! I find it hard to photograph people I don’t know, somehow feels impolite but I am always trying…I usually point at the camera and nod and sometimes they say ok and sometimes they don’t. I look forward to your upcoming photos.

    1. It isn’t easy. I still get nervous about asking people … but really they can only say “No”, and it’s more polite than shoot and run. Some people have a knack with striking up rapport instantly. When I’m going to ask someone, I generally have my camera settings ready to go so that I can shoot quickly. People don’t mind you taking shots, but they don’t want to hang around which you fiddle with the dials.

  4. Great pictures.
    If you visit the South East I can recommend going to Hasankeyf – it is so beautiful and will be gone soon due to the construction of a dam.

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