The Circus Comes To Town

Limbo troop

If you haven’t already, you really ought to get tickets to Limbo at the London Wonderground on the South Bank. It is sheer fun. The best way to describe it is a cabaret acrobat circus. They are a troop of talented musicians and acrobats who have a multitude of performance skills apart from their own special ones.

Oh, and they are all fit and hot. I’m not just talking about the fire-eater, Heather Holliday, who literally heats up the stage as you watch in awe while she blows breaths of flames into the air. She also swallows swords … I have to say had a bit of a gag reflex to this. There’s the bendy man who seems to be able to disassociate all the bits of his body. A pole climber. The Bird on the Hoop. The vaudeville dancer. The man who handstands on anything. I’ll stop now because I’m trying not give too much away.

I went with my friends, collectively, The Theatre Enthusiasts and we sat in the Posh Seats in the front row and this is where it’s at. You make eye contact with the performers, which makes all the difference.

After the show, when we were having drinks in the dodgem cars and gushing over who we fancied most, the cast spilled out. The circus master came over and told us that we were the best front row ever. It was all down to Irish Friend, who was particularly expressive that evening – screaming, howling and laughing in turn.

Photography isn’t allowed during the performance, and the pictures here come from the promotional images for the Limbo show. It’s on at the South Bank until mid-August. I’m hoping that they’re on at the Sydney Festival when I’m home, so that I can go again.

~ Spotted Cow

Limbo on stageLimbo FireEater

10 thoughts on “The Circus Comes To Town

  1. Sounds like a great night. I worry sometimes that front row is a bit too close to take everything in, and I have thoughts of clowns with buckets of water. Too bad you couldn’t get some shots with your chosen hottie after the performance. 🙂

  2. Ha, Irish Friend sounds like a blast 🙂 I love all things theatrical – actually volunteered for 10 years in a local community theatre, from props to stage manager, had a few turns on the boards myself, as did my three kids, who also volunteered many hours backstage, and my oldest son is trained as a theatrical lighting designer. And of course, I enjoy being an audience member whenever and wherever I can. Wish I could see this troupe! So can I be an honorary member of Theatre Enthusiasts? 😉

  3. Looks FANTASTIC – what a rush to see the performers up so close. We were in the second row for “O” in Vegas last year and it was worth EVERY CENT! 🙂

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