Blue Eggs


Esparragosa de Lares, Spain

A rural holiday wouldn’t be complete without a farm trip. We took off into the outskirts – a 7-minute walk! – to D’s cousin’s farm. I was excited about seeing the animals, city-dweller that I am. There were just-born baby geese, hens a-hatching, roosters strutting, chickens running away from humans and curious lambs wondering why we were hanging about.

D’s cousin gave us freshly laid eggs which had a blue-ish tinge. Apparently, they are no-cholesterol eggs, although I haven’t been able to verify that. Anybody know?

~ Spotted Cow

Lamb with bell Sheep on hillsideRoosters and chickensHatching henBlue eggs

10 thoughts on “Blue Eggs

    1. Gosh, I don’t know very much about chickens so I didn’t think to ask. I should’ve done then I could look up their eggs. But they are quite a handsome bunch !

  1. Each photo is better than the next! All stunning, but I think my favorite is the single rooster. Such a great shot. As for the blue eggs, have no idea, but they’re lovely to look at 🙂

    1. Thank you for such kind words. Actually, that single rooster was a hen sitting on it’s eggs ! I had never seen the blueish eggs before. It was quite curious. If they are truly no-cholesterol, so much the better. I think I ate more eggs in that week than I have done this whole year !

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