Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

Officers on a boat ride

On the move, albeit at a leisurely pace. I imagined that these young officers were enjoying their day off by taking a boat ride down the scenic river. Have you noticed that their “driver” is rowing with his feet?

This Weekly Photo Challenge picture was taken in Vietnam, at Tam Coc, which is a (return) day trip from Hanoi.

~ Spotted Cow

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

  1. The photo could almost be a juxtaposition: the uniformed passengers/the very relaxed “feet” rower. Unique, and definitely sparks the imagination. Love it!

    1. Thanks. And yes, you’re right about the juxtaposition between the two. I like the photo because all the other boats I photographed had “typical” tourists with their sunglasses and phone cameras.

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