Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Sydney street art

I thought I wouldn’t have an image for the Letters theme in the latest Weekly Photo Challenge. However, I found a photograph I took several years ago of this bit of street art on the side of a building on Abercrombie Lane in Sydney. It was a stylistic collection of cursive words and names, and we wondered what they meant to the artist. Cowlick said that it was originally the entire wall, and the lower part had been painted over. Moo Cow reckoned that she could see her name inscribed above.

I presume that by now, it has been whitewashed over in its entirety.

~ Spotted Cow

Google maps. Abercrombie Lane Sydney
Google maps. Abercrombie Lane, Sydney.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

    1. Thank you. This week’s theme was a bit of a challenge because I – like everyone else – have umpteen photos of street signs, menu listings, tombs with foreign script and the like … and they all seemed too obvious without being apt. I almost thought that I wasn’t going to post this week.

    1. Thank you. At the extreme, I might’ve set up the Scrabble board for a picture. But then, a put-together still-life shot doesn’t quite resonate with the theme.

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