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Several readers have asked what guide books – if any – we use on city trips. Well, we do a fair bit of internet research at home first, but take the Everyman Mapguides along with us.

The Everyman guides are handy because they are pocket-sized and you can tuck them away into your coat or into a small handbag. They don’t weigh much and we find them especially useful in cities. The guide divides the city into sections and each has a foldout map as well as listings of places of interest, eating & drinking holes, and shops. The front and back covers also carry some cultural and logistic information.

There’s a decent spread of global cities but bear in mind that Everyman don’t update these guides very often. Places of interest remain unchanged for decades but the eating/drinking and store listings tend to be old favourites and granddaddies, rather than the hip and trendy. That doesn’t bother us too much because we discover those ideas online, through recommendations or with the concierge.

That doesn’t mean we don’t get lost. I had a long weekend in Marrakesh with The Ladies where we couldn’t make head or tail of the labyrinthine streets and alleyways of the souk and they weren’t always signposted. No matter … there were lots of ‘helpful’ citizens who led us round in circles, only to ask for a healthy tip at our destination !

Let us know how you plan your city breaks. We might indulge in a bit of crowd sourcing on this blog soon.

~ Spotted Cow

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9 thoughts on “City Guides

  1. Like you, I do a lot of internet research beforehand, but I like to take Lonely Planet guides with me. They give me enough history so that I don’t feel like I have to absorb all the facts when I see a site. (History is my Achilles heel.) I also find some offset places through them, or at least get ideas of what else there is to see besides the usual. But blogging is the ultimate travel guide. I learn of such unusual places and experiences through blogs like yours.

    1. We’re big fans of the Lonely Planet guides here at Wandering Cows too and we’ve been using them for years to plan and take along on our big trips. These Everyman guides are for the weekend city jaunts. And I agree with you re the travel blog world. It’s wonderful getting first hand recommendations and being alerted to interesting experiences … although it means that my “to do” list gets ever longer !

  2. I prefer to do half and half – half research on the internet before we go so I know at least the best way to get to the hotel, to purchase tickets/passes for attractions to avoid queues and to have something in mind for each day as often time is of the essence for us but then once there, we do allow ourselves the luxury of discovering things along the way and changing things if need be! 🙂

    1. Actually, that’s pretty much what we do as well to allow ourselves a mixture of some organisation and some spontaneity. I do quite like reading up and researching beforehand. The anticipation is exciting … although things sometimes aren’t quite what you expect. But then, you find other things that are really quite unexpected and wonderful and you learn something new. That’s the wonder of travel !

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