Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a photographer’s paradise because everyone plies their commerce on the pavement. Historically, each street had its own trade – Cloth Street, Silk Street, Tinsmith Street – although sadly many do not exist anymore and some have changed custom to keep up with the times. Still, it remains buzzingly atmospheric – not least due to the regular hum of motorcycle engines – and you can spend hours walking around, shooting pictures.

~ Spotted Cow

bamboo shop Hanoifan repairer Hanoi restaurant Hanoi food shop Hanoi

14 thoughts on “Hanoi’s Old Quarter

  1. Hi, Can I post my two favourite photos on my blog, with a link to your blog page. I really like them and I want to post the best photographs of Hanoi on my photo page with a link to the photographers web site or blog page.
    Will this be OK?

  2. These photos are really beautiful, loved the one with the man seated outside his bamboo shop and the one of the lady seated on a stool with those curious dried tree fronds.

    1. I was on my own as it was one of those opportunities that I managed to tack onto the end of a work trip. It meant that I could spent hours wandering around taking pictures at my leisure. But yes, lots of industry on the streets. It was constantly buzzing.

    1. I like that description – organic. Thank you. There are lots of shots to take in Hanoi, but you have to take most of them from the street because the sidewalk is occupied … and then you have to be careful of the ubiquitous motorcycles swerving out of nowhere.

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