Flamenco shoes

A flamenco dancer let me take some pictures of her shoes after her rehearsal. They were her most comfortable, most broken-in pair. The tips are scuffed and she has inserted replacement insoles. The leather has softened and become lined with time. The shoes have moulded to her feet and they feel like old friends. I think they have a character that new shoes – beautiful and shiny that they are – don’t have.

Apt I thought, since the London Flamenco Festival is in town at Sadlers Wells.

~ Spotted Cow

flamenco shoesdance movement

6 thoughts on “Flamenco shoes

    1. I don’t think she’ll give them away or throw them out. I think they’ll be one of those sentimental items she can’t bear to part with, and she’ll bring them out of the cupboard and show to her grandchildren one day. That’s my romantic view.

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