Monthly Wrap : February 2014

Here’s the list of our top 5 posts for February. Last month, we started the Weekly Photo Challenge themes as an exercise in lateral thinking and were astounded by the response. In fact, they dominate the February list, alongside an exotic garden and a saint who cures throat afflictions.

Post favourites, as voted by your views, likes and comments, are ranked in order:

1. Weekly Photo Challenge : Treasure Petra, Jordan
2. Weekly Photo Challenge : Threes Luxor, Egypt
3. All kinds of strange plants Hawaii, USA
4. St Blaise, patron saint of sore throats Dubrovnik, Croatia
5. Weekly Photo Challenge : Object Brittany, France

Do let us know what you’d like to hear about – whether it’s how to pack a bag, where we went on our first sibling-only holiday,  how we got into travel photography, how we plan our trips, places only the youngsters would choose, which guidebooks we use, etc. We can’t promise that we have detailed answers to everything, but we’ll certainly give it our best consideration.

Enjoy the “post”-cards!

~ Wandering Cows

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