Demon roller coaster

The Wandering Cows are roller coaster fans.  If there’s one near by, you can bet we’ve got a ticket. That’s where I headed when I arrived at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. I bought my Multi-Ride ticket and went on the roller coasters to the exclusion of everything else.

My favourite was the The Demon – Dæmonen – a two-loop and lolling roll, head over heels, twisty ride that lasts all of 1 minute 45 seconds.  You’ll walk like a drunken sailor for several minutes when you get off, until you gather your wits enough to get in line for another go. And another.

There’s also the Rutschebanen, the oldest running roller coaster in the world. It was built in 1914 and back in the day, it polarized the community, some of whom thought that money should not be spent on such frivolous activity. The ride is not as hairy as The Demon, but it still gets up to speeds of 50km/h, which still means you need to hang on.

I also went on the Odin Express, which is a junior roller coaster. No loops on this one, but it can twist quite wildly so don’t go thinking it’s going to be fairly pedestrian.

I don’t have many pictures because I put my bag in a locker. You can’t have loose things about your body. And I was having too much fun as the early evening turned into night.

~ Spotted Cow

The DemonDemon loops

7 thoughts on “Demon roller coaster

  1. Oh my gosh, I am an ardent fan of Cedar Point! I rode the Millenium Force the summer it was brand new – my son and I ended up in the front seat (at that point, you sat where they put you). I was petrified. But the smooth and quick ride up the hill (no clickety-clacking) helped make the ascent up the 300 foot hill more bearable than otherwise, and that first drop – indescribable. FYI, Cedar Point is called “America’s Rollercoast.” 😀

  2. If you ever find yourselves in Ohio, there are two amusement parks with great coasters. Kings Island has old wooden rollercoasters like The Racers and The Beast. Up north at Cedar Point, they have a rollercoaster called Millennium Force that you couldn’t pay me to ride. It goes up almost a completely vertical ascent, but sometimes doesn’t make it, and the cars roll backward and then rev up to try again. I’ve watched it from the ground, but will never get on it myself. No way.

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