Monthly Wrap : January 2014

This New Year’s Eve we watched fireworks on the beach at Waikiki – it was the first time in many years as the kids have finally managed to stay up past midnight.  Not all of us had made our resolutions by then, but we have all started the year with something new.

       Cowlick is eating his way around around Asia
       Moo Cow is developing her photography and Instagram fan base
       Chocolate Milk Cow & Purple Cow are building iPhone apps
       Spotted Cow is gaining popularity through her vibrant photographs

And just maybe in 2014 … all of our individual projects will marvelously synthesise on the wanderingcows!

Here’s a review of our top 5 posts for January, the sun & surf in Hawaii dominating the list.  Post favourites, as voted by your views, likes and comments, are ranked in order:

1. Hawaiiana. Surf & Hula. Hawaii, USA
2. Rainbow State Hawaii, USA
3. Bondi Icebergs Sydney, Australia
4. Unfurling ferns Hawaii, USA
5. Front row seats at the surf Hawaii, USA

Enjoy the “post”-cards!

Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead.

~ Wandering Cows

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